St Helen's Primary School

St. Helen's Primary School


Cycle A: Summer 2 - 'Journeys'

This term, we have been learning about the different modes of transport, those in the present and from the past. We have listened to a variety of stories and non fiction books including 'The Train Ride', 'Whatever Next', Amazing aeroplanes' and 'Brilliant Boats.' We also had the experience of visiting the 'Tall Ships' during the big event held in the town. We carried out an investigation about material properties and which material on a ramp does the vehicle go the furthest. We made large construction model modes of transport and explored the remote control vehicles. 

Celebrations and events

Music and RE Curriculum Day

Linked to R.E and the focus on 'Humanism', we learnt about everyone may look different and unique but everyone should be kind. We listened to live music by 'Pek and Wanley'. We learnt about music from Africa and listened and played to the pulse of African rhythm music. 

Sports day activities

The Tall Ship Race event

We visited the local library, where we listened to a story about a pirate ship and coloured in our own pirate hats. We visited the ships when they arrived, had our own boat race with models we made and investigated floating and sinking.