St Helen's Primary School

St. Helen's Primary School




Our School Vision:

To create a school that enables all pupils (no matter what background or starting point) to achieve their full potential and promotes the school as a beacon within the community, where aspirations are achieved and dreams are a reality for all pupils, staff and families.

Our English Vision:

At St Helen's Primary School, we understand that English lies at the heart of all learning across the curriculum and we believe that understanding language helps all pupils to communicate their ideas effectively and apply this to their learning. At St Helen’s Primary school, lessons are structured around quality texts which provide pupils with a rich and varied reading diet to develop their vocabulary and understanding of themes and conventions throughout to then apply in their writing.

Writing Curriculum:

At St Helen’s Primary School, we use Power of Reading as a foundation for our writing curriculum to engage pupils through a book “hook”and this puts quality children’s literature at the heart of literacy learning. Learning outcomes are progressive using the National Curriculum to ensure that pupils consolidate each objective and can apply this within a range of text types throughout the year.

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Reading Curriculum: 

At St Helen's, we believe that all pupils can achieve in Reading, both for pleasure and in their comprehension and understanding. There is no ceiling placed on pupil progress. We believe that through reading, pupils will have a chance to develop culturally, emotionally and intellectually. We feel that reading enables pupils to acquire knowledge, gain a deeper understanding of topics and allows them to build on what they already know.

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Phonics and Reading at St Helens