St Helen's Primary School

St. Helen's Primary School



In Computing, pupils are taught a curriculum which is skills based. We aim to develop the children's ability to work independently through all areas of study, making links with other subjects and given opportunities to apply their knowledge through research.

Our bespoke curriculum is designed around a rolling programme which allows the children to build on the skills learned each year and apply them in different contexts.

Children use computers and technology from the moment they enter nursery. Currently, children have access to iPads in each class which supports their curriculum e.g. Times Tables Rock Stars to support times tables and Vocab Lab to help with spellings. 

The children gradually use more complex programs and learn more advanced skills appropriate to their age and ability, as guided in the National Curriculum. It is our vision that by the time they leave school, children will be responsible digital citizens and confident and competent users of computers and technology for a variety of purposes, such as word-processing, spreadsheets, databases, coding and information retrieval. Children's digital literacy is developed across all areas of the curriculum, using technology to enhance learning in other subjects, in addition to discrete Computing lessons. 


"Computers are famous for being able to do complicated things starting from simple programs"

- Seth Lloyd.