St Helen's Primary School

St. Helen's Primary School


Voice of the Child

At St. Helen's Primary School, we value the voice of every child in our school. We believe that children are at the heart of everything that we do and we aim to involve the voice of the child in many aspects across the school.

We have several leadership opportunities for our pupils. These are:

  • Pupil Ambassadors
    Our Pupil Ambassadors work alongside our Senior Leadership Team and other schools within the Northern Lights Learning Trust to evaluate school actions and identify ways in which the school and the community it serves can improve. They are always keen to share their work with visitors to the school. 

  • School Council
    School Council represent the views of our student body within school and within our wider community. They work with other schools in the town to bring about positive change
  • Digital Leaders
    Digital leaders work along side the computing lead in school to manage devices and support teaching and learning. They work with both teachers and pupils to ensure everyone is safe online and can support others to ensure everyone knows how to stay safe when using all devices.  

  • Buddies
    Buddies are pupils in KS2 who are trained to support younger pupils in KS1 and EY to socialise and play. 

Our pupils are democratically elected to their positions and are fundamental in decision making.


'Children at the heart of everything that we do'