St Helen's Primary School

St. Helen's Primary School


Dragons' Den Winners at Teeside University

In October 2023, we started our journey with the Creating Active Schools Project. This initiative looks at how active your school is and, along with some help from the project managers, they work alongside school staff to increase physical activity in school.
One part of the project is Dragons’ Den. This asks a small group of children to come up with 4 ideas on how they can increase physical activity on a playtime and lunchtimes, with a maximum budget of £3000.
Our 6 pupils went around each class to tell the children the 4 ideas they had created and asked each child in the classes to vote for their favourite. The 6 children then created a presentation about the most popular idea.
The idea that was the most popular was a circular running track marked out on the playground. Along with the track, we added pedal bikes, scooters, balance bikes, skateboards and helmets.
On Thursday afternoon, we went to Teesside University to present our idea to the four dragons. The presentation was absolutely outstanding. The pupils spoke with confidence and a real belief that their idea would have a big impact on St Helen's Primary School pupils.
The dragons loved the idea and generously agreed to fund the whole project, a sum of £3000.