St Helen's Primary School

St. Helen's Primary School



Mini-Police is based on a programme which was first developed in Durham Constabulary. It is a fun and interactive scheme aimed at children aged between 9-11 years old.

The idea behind the scheme is to work with young people, within their own school environment - promoting positive diversion from crime and Anti-Social Behaviour, building honesty and trust; and giving young people a better understanding of policing - by encouraging active participation in local community engagement events.



Session One - Introduction

Session Two - Meet the Police and Police Dogs

Session Three - Learning the Law

Session Four - Teaching the Law

Session Five - Community Engagement 

Session Six - Closing Ceremony


Session 1 - Introduction 

 Mini-Police learned about the phonetic alphabet. The children learned how to stand at attention, at ease, fall in, line formation and other marching drills.

"Week one was good, we learned something that I never knew existed, like the phonetic alphabet," said Michael.

"C is Charlie, A is Alpha, M is Mike, E is Echo, R is Romeo, O is Oscar and N is November," reported Cameron.


Session 2 - Meet the Police and Police Dogs


Session 3 - Understanding and Learning the Law


This week our mini-police learned about the law that governs our country. The children investigated how the law applies to them as children moving into young adulthood. It was another fascinating session where we learned a lot. We even read Ellis his rights!


Session 5 - Community Engagement 

Mini-Police pupils went out into the community to raise awareness about anti-social behavior, speaking to local residents and having a physical presence in the community.


Session 6 - Closing Ceremony

St. Helen's Mini-Police were visited by the Chief Constable of Durham Police who celebrated the Mini-Polices' achievements.