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Maths Calculation Policy How-To Videos

At St Helen's Primary school, pupils follow a progressive Maths Calculation Policy to ensure that pupils develop a secure understanding of key mathematical concepts. Our Maths Calculation policy can be found below: 

Maths Calculation Policy 22-23 

 We have created a range of short videos for parents/ carers to use to support children with using the different written methods at home. Children may also find it useful to use these videos as a short revison session for each method. 

Each video outlines at what stage children will be taught the method and gives step-by-step guidance to use the written method. 

Check out the videos below: 

How-To Videos- Addition

Addition on a Number line:


 Partition Method to Support Addition:


 Expanded Column Method:


 Column Addition:


 How-To Videos- Subtraction

Subtraction on a Number line (Counting Back):


 Subtraction on a Number line (Counting on):


Expanded Column Subtraction:


Column Subtraction:


  How-To Videos- Multiplication

Partition Method to support Multiplication:


 Grid Method to support multiplication:


Long and short multiplication:


   How-To Videos- Division

Short Division:


 Partial tables to support division: