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Religious Education

RE must be provided for all registered pupils including Reception, unlike for most subjects, there is no National Curriculum for RE. Instead, each of the local authorities in the UK sets its own locally agreed syllabus. St Helens Primary School teaches RE in line with the Hartlepool Agreed Syllabus.

RE promotes diversity and community cohesion something in which St Helens as a school strives to achieve. Our pupils will learn about the following religions:

  • EYFS: Christianity and other religions as appropriate.
  • KS1: Christianity and Hinduism
  • KS2: Christianity, Islam and Sikhism.

RE contributes to a pupil’s education by supporting pupils to develop their own individual beliefs and values and allows them to learn about the beliefs and values of others, to prepare pupils in the best way possible for life in modern Britain. In order to do this, as a staff team we promote openness, and respect for others. Teaching about denominations is strictly prohibited.

Curriculum Aims

The aim of RE teaching is to build religious literacy through developing knowledge and understanding about religious and non-religious worldviews and developing critical thinking through the skills of analysis and evaluation, in relation to questions raised by learning in RE.

Specifically getting better at RE means:

  • Increasing knowledge and understanding of what is meant by the terms ‘religion’ and ‘worldview’
  • Increasing knowledge and understanding of religious and non-religious worldviews.
  • Extending knowledge and understanding of the significance and influence of religious and non-religious worldviews on individuals, communities and societies (Religious Diversity).
  • Developing the ability interpret, analyse, evaluate and critically respond to the claims that religious and non-religious worldviews make.
  • Extending use of specialist vocabulary in a way that becomes increasingly technical.

RE also gives opportunities for pupils to reflect on their own experiences, feelings, beliefs, values and ideas in response to the material covered.  This opportunity for personal reflection can be developed and deepened throughout the key stages but is not part of the benchmark expectations.

Long Term Planning

Pupils are taught the following in RE at St Helens:- 



Lower KS2 

Upper KS2 

Right of Withdrawal

Parents/Carers have the right to withdraw their child from Religious Education.. If you are considering this please ring the school office to arrange a meeting with Mrs Bradley (Headteacher).