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Coastal School

Coastal Schools

We are extremely fortunate that our school is situated so closely to the beach, so we are taking the opportunity to enjoy the vast and beautiful seaside at our door step. 

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 What is Coastal schools?

Coastal school is where we take a group of children to experience and explore our local seafront. We aim to improve students' knowledge about their local coastal environment by connecting them with nature; opening their eyes to this amazing habitat and inspiring them to care for our coasts.

Who coordinates Coastal schools?

Mrs Moore (who has attended ‘Coastal School leader’ training) coordinates a range of positive and fun activities, which encourages confidence, self esteem, independence and team building skills. The wider curriculum and the local area is at the forefront of the sessions, whilst certain opportunities lend themselves to link in with the curriculum. 

What do we learn at Coastal schools?

Pupils enjoy outdoor learning, such as learning about tidal times, sea creatures, building shelters and also creating beautiful beach artwork. Our pupils learn all about the natural environment and also about our local area. Pupils also participate in various games and activities which help promote independence and team building.

For more information on Coastal School or the work that Tees Valley Wildlife Trust provides, visit this website -