St Helen's Primary School

St. Helen's Primary School


Class 7 (Year 5) - Mr Colegate


My name is Mr Colegate and I am really excited to be your child’s teacher. I am looking forward to our year together and watching them all grow and develop, as we explore all kinds of learning. I can’t wait to get to know them.   Working alongside me this year, is Mrs Barnfather, and I couldn’t be happier. As a team, we will make sure everyone feels special, well-cared for and enjoy facing the challenges that lay ahead.


Year 5 is an important year, and even more so this year, as we will be doing our absolute best to develop their reading, writing and mathematics skills so that they are ready and confident for Year 6. Children will continue to develop skills, knowledge and understanding through access to St. Helen’s bespoke curriculum. We will also focus on celebrating, and nurturing your child’s talents and interests, to motivate, encourage and help them to enjoy learning.


As your child returns in September, their safety will remain our key priority, as will they well-being, as they not only face the challenges of starting in a new class, but also, for some, returning to the school environment, following recent measures we in place. I am passionate about ensuring children feel safe, supported and cared for, as I know that these enable them to face learning with more confidence. I am always available to support with any concerns, worries or fears your child, or yourself, may have, so please make contact and we can work together to support your child – which is always the most important thing for me.




We will aim to send a book home every day, and if you could do your best to listen to them read, even for five minutes every day, and then please will you make a comment or initial, in their reading record. If you could support your child to remember to bring in their reading book and their reading record every morning, we’d be very grateful.



As your child enters Y5, they will have new spelling rules, patterns and words to learn, as well as building on the learning from Y4. Learning these rules, and spellings on a weekly basis, really supports them when reading, enabling them to develop more fluency and understanding of the text. It also, supports them to develop a greater range of vocabulary to use in their writing. They will bring home their spellings on a Friday, and should practise these spellings each night, to support the daily work in school, prior to testing on a Friday.


The spelling sheets do not need to be returned to school. Alongside this, children have access to Spelling Shed, which will reinforce the week's spelling patterns and rules as well as provide regular practice through a range of interactive games and activities.



As in all year groups, your child will bring home a piece of learning on a Friday. This might be linked to the week’s learning, or be something which needs to be regularly reinforced, such as times tables.   This work should be completed and returned to school by Wednesday. This learning is then recorded, marked, and filed into their home learning folders. Having two girls of my own, I know how challenging home learning can be, and am more than willing to support your child if they are unsure about any part of it. I usually provided a time on Monday morning and lunchtime to do this.