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Hartlepool Borough Council operates a co-ordinated admissions process. This means for each process all children will receive the offer of one school place on the same day.

Applications to all schools must be made on the appropriate application form and are assessed in accordance to the criteria published in the booklets. Local Authorities are responsible for co-ordinating admissions for people who live within their area. Your Local Authority is who you pay your Council Tax to. Parents can either make an application using the application form available from their Local Authority or apply on-line.

Our admission number is currently 45 pupils in each year group, apart from Nursery, which has 26 places in the morning session and 26 places in the afternoon session. At St.Helen's we also offer flexible entitlement, which means your child may have the opportunity to attend Nursery over 2 and 1/2 days ie Monday (Full day), Tuesday (Full day) and Wednesday morning. Additionally if we have places availble parents/carers can pay for additional sessions, alongside their 15hrs entitlement (Please speak to Miss Crowe if this is an option you are interested in).

We offer 2 Year Old Provision, which is co-ordinated in partnership with Hartlepool LA (Kim Rowntree). 

Admission to a nursery attached to a Primary School does not guarantee a place for your child in the Reception class at that school. 

Admissions to Reception Class (Starting School)

For children born between 1st September 2015 and 31st August 2016

If your child was born between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2017, he or she will be due to start primary school in September 2021.

The application period is between 4th November 2020 and 15th January 2021.  During w/c 4th November 2020 a letter inviting you to make an application will be issued to your child at their nursery school.  If your child is absent, or does not attend a private or mainstream nursery in Hartlepool, the letter will be posted to your home address.

You can make your application on-line during this period*.  Before you submit your application, please read the Education in Hartlepool Booklet - 2020 carefully.  The booklet provides information on the admissions process, key dates and lots of information which you may find useful.

To secure your child's place at primary school, you must submit your application (along with any supporting documents such as a baptism certificate) by 15th January 2021.  If your application is received after this deadline, we will treat it as late and deal with it after the applications which were received on time.

Please note:

  • Admissions office is: Hartlepool CETL (Centre for Excellence in Teaching & Learning), Brierton Lane, Hartlepool, TS25 4BY
  • They may require you to submit proof of address, i.e. utility bill, proof of child benefit / tax credit on request

If you require any further information on starting school, please contact the School Admissions Team on 01429 523765 or e-mail: