Moving on


Moving on to Secondary School

We believe it is very important to prepare all of our children for their transition to secondary school at the end of Year 6. 

This is a challenging time for all children and their families, but we understand that it can be a particularly worrying time for children who need extra support or have additional needs.

We have worked very hard to make sure our support for children with SEND meets their needs well and we welcome conversations with parents and carers about the specific needs of their children.


Enhanced transition

If your child has a social/communication difficulty or a disability (for example, visual impairment), we start planning for transition in Year 5. This means we start to meet with parents and carers, other professionals who may be involved and colleagues from secondary schools to talk about what particular provision needs to be made. These conversations are very useful as they ensure that parents, carers and children see what ongoing support will be available from a range of secondary schools. Then it is easier to make a decision about the most appropriate school for your child. It also helps secondary colleagues plan ahead, so that appropriate support can be ready for your child when he or she arrives at the new school in Year 7.


In Year 6, we offer the parents and carers of all children with SEND two extra meetings with us - one in the Autumn term and another in the Summer term. Where possible, these meetings are also attended by colleagues from the secondary school, so that you know who your contact will be when your child reaches the new school. 


We arrange extra visits to the chosen secondary school, throughout the Spring and Summer terms, for children we feel would benefit from more opportunities to experience what it is like. These visits might include:

 - finding ways around the building

 - who to go to for help

 - understanding the arrangements at meal times

 - meeting new teachers

 - specifically-tailored experiences.


Information sharing

When your child moves on to secondary school, we make sure that all information about your child's needs are passed on to the appropriate people at the new school.