Welcome to our information pages about Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

St Helen’s Primary School is committed to providing an appropriate and high quality education to all the children living in our local area. We believe that all children, including those identified as having a special educational need or a disability (SEND) have a common entitlement to a broad and balanced academic and social curriculum, which is accessible to them, and to be fully included in all aspects of school life.

 We believe that all children should be equally valued in school. We will strive to eliminate prejudice and discrimination, and to develop an environment where all children can flourish and feel safe.

St Helen's Primary School aims to include everyone and values diversity. We want all of our children to do well through having access to appropriate, high-quality education!

 When our children struggle with learning or experience difficulties with communication, walking, making sense of the world around them or have medical issues, which mean they need day-to-day support, it can be very frightening and confusing. Parents and carers often worry about how they will make sure their child gets the right services and support. 





Special Educational Needs and Disabilities


This section of our website aims to help by providing an outline of what we can offer here at St Helen's and by pointing out links to other services and sources of information.

Mrs Gill Burdis, Deputy Headteacher and SEND Co-ordinator

Mrs Gwyneth Hauxwell, SEND Governor

"Staff have a detailed knowledge of how well pupils are doing and give extra support to those who need it. Disabled pupils and those with special educational needs are supported well." Ofsted 2013


"Disabled pupils and those with special educational needs achieve as well as other groups, as a 

result of the planning and good support put in place to help them." Ofsted 2013


"Governors are actively involved in planning improvement and are ambitious for the 


achievement and welfare of all the pupils." Ofsted 2013