Class 4 (Year 3)

Class Timetable:

Long Term Plan:


In English, we are reading Mouse Bird Snake Wolf by David Almond. So far children have written about God's creations and written kennings poetry about birds and wolves. We are looking forward to finding out more about our story and what will happen to Harry, Sue and Little Ben's creations.


In Science this half term we are looking at Solids, Liquids and gases. So far we have took on the role of solid, liquid and gas particles, looking at how the particles differ in each state. We have organised materials into states of matter and looked at how materials can change from one state to the next e.g. ice, water, steam.

 Reading Journals:

Children are expected to bring their reading journals into school every day with a signature from an adult to say they have read.  Within class 4 this is monitored and phone calls to parents/carers will be made if these expectations are not met regularly. 

The Reading Journals are a way of letting your child know how they are getting on with their reading. They also allow easy communication with your child’s teacher regarding the progression of their skills at home. Writing a short comment ensures your child’s teacher is aware of how they are doing at home, as well as at school.


Homework in Class 4 is sent home on a Friday. This will include the weekly spellings which will be tested the following Friday. Children will be expected to write a sentence for 5 of the words each and copy the words out using the; look, cover, copy and check method. 

Homework will also include a piece of maths work. This will either be times table activities or work linked to our work in class.

Additional homework may be given on an individual basis to further support our learning in class.


Class 4's PE lessons will take place on Thursdays. Please ensure your child has PE in school on this day. PE kit includes black shorts, white T-Shirt and suitable footwear.

This half-term our topic is gymnastics. Children will be challenged to perform balances, jumps, forward rolls and cart wheels. We will also be looking to put all of those things together developing our own gymnastics performances.